Mon amour,

Although Roland Barthes had no luck in the love department, he dedicated one of its most unique texts to that topic.
Since its publication, A Lover's Discourse. Fragments has been bedside book and companion of lovers worldwide. It is also the starting point of this small tribute organized by La ONG Buenos Aires on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the French author.
Barthes wrote that the book would be, ideally, a cooperative –"To the United Readers and Lovers"). This website aspires to be something similar.
Barthes, mon amour includes 80 works by artists who kindly accepted our invitation. Through the proposals, you can navigate and build your own itinerary of the emotions and desires of the invited artists.
The platform randomly links each work with one of the fragments that make up the book. This playful connection allows the reinterpretation of the proposals and the texts with each visit, offering new readings all the time.
For Barthes, every love letter awaits for a response, invites the other to answer. With this one, we invite you to share your visit through social media or e-mail. You can also contact us here


La ONG Buenos Aires

María Ignacia Alcalá + Juan Peraza Guerrero
Valentina Alvarado
Alexander Apóstol
Hayley Austin
Néstor Baltodano
Richard Billingham
Antonio Briceño
Marc Caellas
Sophie Calle
Natasha Caruana
Fredi Casco
Déborah Castillo
Déborah Castillo II
Martín Castillo Morales
María Ceña + Bruno Mesz
Luis Cobelo
Baró - Cutró
Jonathas de Andrade
José Miguel del Pozo
Erika Eiffel
Maika Elan
Julieta Escardó
Nicholas Felton
Thaisa Figueiredo
Joan Fontcuberta
Regina José Galindo
Regina José Galindo II
Gala Garrido
Nelson Garrido
Luis González Palma
Beto Gutiérrez
Adad Hannah
Adad Hannah II
José Antonio Hernández-Diez
Estrella Herrera
Neil Hilborn
Diego Hómez
Nicolás Janowski
Pablo Krantz
Leigh Ledare
Marcos López
Carlos Martiel
Domingos Mazzilli
Jillian McDonald
Yucef Merhi
Carlos Motta
Carlos Motta II
Tova Mozard
Teresa Mulet
Carolina Muñoz Parra
Sumiko Muray
Natalia Odüber
Kelvin Osorio
Florencia Palacios
Marwane Pallas
La Pequeña Revancha
Rebeca Pérez Gerónimo
Ignacio Pérez
Fanny Pirela Sojo
Lucía Pizzani
Bernardita Rakos
Bernardita Rakos II
Yaneth Rivas
María Antonia Rodríguez
Nelesi Rodríguez + Isabella Brandalise
Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda
Luis Romero
Mireia Sallarés
Thom Sanchez
Agustín Sargiotto
Dan Savage
Rafael Serrano
Jim Shaw
Jakub Stanek
Sub Coop
Agustina Triquell
Gustavo Valle
Zoe Vincenti
Sandra Vivas
Dana Wyse